“Your Ace for Odor-free clothes”

A super effective odor remover

ACE REFRESH is an exclusive scented essence that sanitizes and eliminates odors naturally from fabrics and clothing.
Ideal for sanitizing and neutralizing odors from both sportswear and everyday clothing.
Thanks to its unique properties and a formulation based only on plant extracts specifically created for this purpose, it sanitizes and breaks down the molecules of persistent odors, refreshing the fabric with a pleasant, refined, and fresh floral scent.

We love Sports and Nature, and ACE REFRESH is 100% Chemical-Free, Biodegradable, pH Neutral, allowing it to be used by anyone while fully respecting nature and the health of our skin and shoes.

Ace Refresh allows you to refresh your clothing from odors after every workout.


Made in Italy


Chemical free

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is specifically designed to effectively remove any odor from all types of clothing. It is made with only plant-based extracts and does not pose any hazards.

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Discover how to use our fabric odor remover:

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Our 100% natural fabric odor eliminator is now available in a more convenient format.

With the 1-liter refill of Ace Refresh, you can replace 6.7 individual bottles.

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ace refresh faqs

ACE REFRESH is a product with a formulation created using only selected plant extracts. Thanks to its complete absence of chemical components and its biodegradability of over 90%, its use is safe and harmless to the environment, skin, and any fabric of your sportswear.

We are the first in the world to have thought that sportswear needed greater care and attention, using natural products.

Its special natural formulation removes unpleasant odors without affecting the aesthetics and fibers of the fabrics. It sanitizes and remove the odor of sweat, as well as any other odors, acids, and fats that form from perspiration in sportswear such as T-shirts, jerseys, pants, shorts, tracksuits, and tank tops, leaving a natural and pleasant delicate fragrance on your clothing. We have created a high-quality, specific, technical, and versatile product for the detailing of your sportswear, capable of quickly removing the bad odors that occur during sports activities.

ACE REFRESH is not a deodorant or a cover-up product. It is an odor remover designed to remove odor particles from organic and inorganic substances from your clothing.

You won’t find a product like ACE REFRESH at the supermarket. Supermarket products may contain chemical components and other chemical agents that are not ideal to use on clothing, and they can leave strong chemical residues everywhere, which, combined with sweat during physical activity, can be harsh on your skin. Thanks to the precious composition of ACE REFRESH, this does not happen.

In addition to the environmental and health aspects (which are of utmost importance to us and our customers), every enthusiast who has used ACE REFRESH has found the perfect complement to complete the essentials needed for sports activities. Not to mention, they have experienced a total clean and refreshing effect that a typical product could not provide.

You can use it every time, whether at the end of a match on the court or conveniently at home.

Certainly, ACE REFRESH is to be used to sanitize and refresh your clothing, from cotton to synthetic fibers.

Applying ACE REFRESH is really simple.

Direct application on clothing:

Spray the product on the clothing you want to refresh from a distance of 8-12cm.

A few sprays are enough (4-5 sprays per garment). Apply it to all surfaces.

Allow it to dry.

If necessary, apply again.

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Yes, ACE REFRESH is available in Tennis and Padel clubs.

If you like our product and can’t find it in your club, help us make it available by sending us an email with the details of your club, and our team will be happy to get in touch and offer it.

If your club decides to include ACE REFRESH, you will not have done it for nothing. In fact, we would be delighted to offer you a 5% discount as a token of our gratitude for the attention you have given to this special product, created to be a valuable contribution to the environment.