“The N.1 Laundry liquid detergent against dirt in washing machines”

The only eco-friendly laundry detergent designed for sports

WASHER SPORT is a gentle detergent for both washing machines and hand washing.

WASHER SPORT cleans, sanitizes, and delivers that true Clean result. It is a treatment aimed at:
-Deeply cleaning without attacking the natural and synthetic fibers of your sports and delicate clothing.
-Nourishing the natural and synthetic fibers with a skillful combination of precious plant extracts.

This laundry detergent for hand and machine washing is a concentrate of quality and research. 100% Natural and eco-friendly, it does not produce foam, leave residues, and allows for quick rinsing due to the complete absence of foaming chemical components, facilitating water savings and reducing chemical deposits on the skin and clothing fabrics.When using WASHER SPORT, there is no need to add fabric softener. Your sports and casual garments will remain soft from the first wash.

Thanks to its unique properties and a formulation based solely on plant extracts created specifically for this use, it sanitizes and breaks down the molecules of persistent odors and dirt, refreshing the clothing fabrics with a pleasant, refined, and fresh floral note.We love Sports and Nature, WASHER SPORT is 100% Chemical-Free, Biodegradable, pH Neutral, allowing it to be used by anyone while fully respecting the nature and health of our skin and shoes.

Ecological power for athletes of all kinds. Deep cleaning, respect for enviroment. The sports detergent that respect our planet.


Made in Italy


Chemical free

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1 Kg

up to 65 washes


Washer Sport, suitable for whites, colors, regular clothing, and sportswear, is made from only plant extracts and does not show any indications of hazardous substances.


Discover how to use our laundry detergent


WASHER SPORT is a product formulated using only selected plant extracts. Thanks to its complete absence of chemical components and its biodegradability rate of over 90%, its use is safe and harmless to the environment, skin, and any fabric.

No, it is 100% natural.

We are among the first in the world to have recognized the need for greater care and attention to all types of clothing, whether for sports or everyday wear, by treating them with genuine natural products.

Its special natural formulation thoroughly cleans, conserves water, remove unpleasant odors, and gives your laundry a true sense of cleanliness. It sanitizes, cleans, and removes odors and stains from your clothing (both whites and colors), leaving a natural and pleasant floral fragrance and a complete level of cleanliness even within the fabric fibers.

We have uncompromisingly created a specific, technical, and versatile natural detergent for detailing all your clothing, capable of quickly removing dirt and unpleasant odors that accumulate during sports activities, whether by hand or in the washing machine.

You have the opportunity to use the first detergent (not a standard Laundry liquid) specifically designed to care for clothing in a way never seen before.

1 kilogram of WASHER SPORT = up to 65 washes.

How many bottles of chemical detergents do you buy to achieve the same number of washes?

How much chemical residue remains on your skin from mass-market products priced at €3 per bottle?

Have you ever experienced that itchiness when wearing jeans, a shirt, or a T-shirt?

Have you ever noticed the mountain of foam in the washing machine’s drum or when handwashing your laundry?

Foam is not synonymous with “now it’s really clean.”

Foam is a concentrated mixture of ionic surfactants…chemicals with a high tendency to leave residues everywhere, especially on your skin!

Those who use products available on supermarket shelves to eliminate odors often overlook the long-term effects on their skin and clothing fabrics.

The damage is done!

Thanks to the exquisite composition of WASHER SPORT, this does not happen.

In addition to the environmental and health aspects (which are extremely important to us and our customers), every enthusiast who has used WASHER SPORT has found the perfect complement to their essential needs when engaging in sports activities. And, not to be underestimated, they have rediscovered a total clean and refreshing effect that a traditional product could not provide.

You can use WASHER SPORT every time you need to do laundry, whether in the washing machine or by hand. It is effective at low temperatures for both whites and colors.

Certainly! WASHER SPORT is designed for handwashing and machine washing of all types of clothing, whether sports-related or not, without the need for additional fabric softeners.

Just like any other laundry product for machine washing.

Simply add a few grams (two caps) to the designated compartment in the washing machine for detergent.

WASHER SPORT can be used for both white and colored garments, in both hot and cold wash cycles.


Pour two to three caps into 5 liters of water and mix.

The product does not create foam.

Wash the laundry.


Yes, you can use it on leather or synthetic sports shoes. It is compatible for surface cleaning.

By using WASHER SPORT, you can remove scuff marks, dust, dirt, and for tennis shoes, the annoying red clay stains that can accumulate over time.

Direct application on shoes:

If you have a soft shoe brush, we recommend using it to remove excess dusty dirt, especially if there is clay on the shoes and in the soles to prevent the formation of mud.

After removing the excess dirt and/or dusty residue from the shoes, you can proceed with the application.

Apply a few drops of the product on the areas you want to clean.

Clean thoroughly with a cotton cloth or microfiber cloth until the surfaces are clean.

You can also use a soft-bristle brush (or a soft toothbrush) to clean the shoes and reach deep into the dirt buildup in the shoe creases.

Rinse the shoe with a damp sponge.

Dry with a cloth.

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Yes, WASHER SPORT is available in tennis and padel clubs.

If you like our product and cannot find it in your club, help us make it available by sending us an email with the details of your club, and our team will be happy to get in touch and offer it.

If your club decides to include WASHER SPORT, you will not have done it in vain. In fact, we would be delighted to offer you a 5% discount as a token of our gratitude for your interest in this special product, created to be a valuable contribution to the environment.